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Remember… There is always hope, hang in there, it could get very nasty. The Ukraine deserves it’s freedom, not Putin’s form of dictatorship. Good Luck… Many know of your pain

Oh… I’m lost for words. Thank you ∩(︶▽︶)∩

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I wish i didn’t love Ukraine.

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I was away because of exams and Uni stuff.

And now I’m back, but I wish I hadn’t opened ‘Colin Baker’ tag.

What’s wrong with you people? Ugh.


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"Peter Capaldi is a grown up, not like these twelve year olds we’ve been having." - Colin Baker.

Colin Baker, you spent your Doctor Who years in a clown suit.

Do you always believe what you read in the papers??


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I want Paul Cornell to write for Twelve.

I want Andy Lane to write for Twelve.

I want Lawrence Miles to write for Twelve.

I want Kate Orman to write for Twelve.

I want Robert Shearman to write for Twelve

I want Alan Barnes to write for Twelve

I want Jacqueline Rayner to write for Twelve

I want Nicholas Briggs to write for Twelve

I want Jonathan Morris to write for Twelve.

I want Joseph Lidster to write for Twelve.

I want Eddie Robson to write for Twelve.

I want Paul Magrs to write for Twelve.

I want Nev Fountain to write for Twelve.

I want Matt Fitton to write for Twelve.

I want Simon Guerrier to write for Twelve.

I want Justin Richards to write for Twelve.

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skoyeraktigsova replied to your post: I just REALLY REALLY REAL…

Were you listening to Jago and Litefoot?

No, that was ‘1963: The Space Race’.

And whats about Jago & Litefoot? 

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Big Finish: The Sixth Doctor


Someone sent me an ask about where to start when listening to the Sixth Doctor’s audio dramas, and thought I’d go ahead and make a proper post about the Big Finish version of this fabulous be-rainbowed puffball of a Doctor.

I mean, c’mon. Just look at this glorious bastard


The Sixth Doctor’s tenure on the show was cut short by BBC politics, and Six’s intended character development was cut short, as well. When Big Finish signed on Colin Baker to return to the role, they embraced those character changes wholeheartedly. Early Six can be cutting, short-tempered and rude; as he develops, Six is brutally honest, occasionally snarky, but always compassionate. Here’s an excellent post of quotes that summarize the Sixth Doctor’s personality.

Six has quite a few companions with Big Finish — his classic companions Mel Bush and Peri Brown; his comic book companion Frobisher (the giant penguin); and his audio-only companions Evelyn Smythe, Charley Pollard, and Flip Jackson. 

Here’s a link to all of Six’s audios, from oldest to newest, in release order (but not necessarily chronological order for Six himself; the releases tend to jump around in Six’s timeline).

If you’re coming right off of Eight’s audios (like the person who sent me the ask — hey you!) you might want to listen to Six’s adventures with Charley Pollard — there are only seven of them, and they tie in directly with Eight’s predicament in Dark Eyes. 

Another approach would be to tackle Six’s adventures with Evelyn Smythe — there are more of them than Charley’s adventures, but they contain a coherent and fully-formed character arc for both the Doctor and Evelyn. Plus, Evelyn has a fantastic elder sibling dynamic with the Doctor. 

In terms of true standalone episodes, just for dabbling your toes in, a few of my favorites are The Marion Conspiracy (Evelyn’s first adventure), The Holy Terror (with Frobisher the penguin), or …Ish (with Peri).

I deeply adore Six, and if you’re looking to explore more of Big Finish past the Eighth Doctor’s adventures, I would highly recommend giving Six a listen!

Also, I have put together some kind of audio chronology

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